Blufawn (Jennie Peacock) - England, UK

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Blufawn (Jennie Peacock) - England, UK

Post by ForumAdmin » Wed Aug 01, 2012 7:48 pm

Please post your reviews of Blufawn (Jennie Peacock) in this thread.
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Re: Blufawn (Jennie Peacock) - England, UK

Post by Katlin » Sat Aug 04, 2012 3:32 am

I wanted a puppy from the John Denver litter so I contacted Jennie when the pups were 2.5 weeks old and asked if the palest pup was "spoken for". She immediatly answered saying that no she was not. I asked if I could buy her. I had already done Lynn's screening process but I asked Jennie if she had one, she said that her mom (Blustag) does that for her.

Jennie was great about the whole thing, if I asked for a picture she delivered, she even let me pick the puppy's show name!

Then Lynn got involved. I gave her my specific weekend off as she had asked what days work best for me. Lynn then contacted me the next day asking for a deposit and the money for the flight up front! She had went ahead and booked the flight over a week earlier than I had asked and it was in the middle of the week. I explained that I worked and had already taken off a certain day. She became very angry and wanted her money. I refused and got annoyed, cancelling the whole deal. She then gave me a really rude email about how horrible it was to cancel and how PO'd Jennie would be. I wrote Jennie an email explaining the situation and apologizing, she didn't seem too worried.

All in all Jennie was very easy to deal with, Lynn was not at all.
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Re: Blufawn (Jennie Peacock) - England, UK

Post by Lynwae » Mon Nov 26, 2012 10:56 am

In April 2012 I got a pup from the country singers litter.
Blufawn Dolly Parton, aka Ayla.

But the way from the first contact with Blustag and now (I finally have a good tempered pup) was long and full of difficulties.

I first got in contact with Lynn (Blustag) as I wanted a pup from one of her three litters of the spring :
Heidi x Bodi (first choice)
Jodie x Jackal (2nd)
Susi x Jackal (3rd).

This was the moment Lynn and Jennies moved in another house and were out of Internet during several MONTHS.
At the same time, Jennie had three more litters :
Winnie x Jackal
Geri x Shogun
Zuul x Dingo

When I contacted Lynn, she said she has a quite long waiting list; I answered her that it wasn't a problem because in a certain way it would be easier for me to get a pup at Fall because I was planning to move in a new house during spring/summer.
Nevertheless, after having passed through a big screening process (she asked for photos of my boyfriend, my cats and me??) I paid her my deposit to take place in the waiting list.

Like she said, all the Blustag pups had homes... But, one day at the end of February, I got a mail from Lynn with a little pup on it, saying that she has this little girl available for me, from the Geri x Shogun litter, and that she would be mine if i like her.
Of course... I said yes. Who can resist?

The wait for the pup was very very hard... As the Blues didn't have internet, photos and news were very rare.
Finally, a meeting point was set...
And I got my pup in a train station... She was so tiny (only 4.6 kg) and shaky... No collar, obviously no leash... and she hasn't had any vaccination.

The pup I got was a very cute one, but so are all the puppies in the world.
She has a nice stress resistance so it wasn't too difficult to socialise her.
But she hadn't any bite inhibition and, moreover, any ability to control herself and calm down. She was not very close to human, being very indifferent to the human activity around her… I’ve had to work a lot during 7 months to create a good bond with her, teach her how to control herself, teach her who has the leadership in the house, teach her how to be the puppy girl I wanted.

In these months of trainings, nor Jennie, nor Lynn never answer any of my questions about my pup. And when I expressed doubt about “wolf content”, she just says that I have to stop hearing to the rumours.

Luckily I met some great people who learn to me why my girl was acting like that (finally huskier than wolfdog) and how I could help her to find her place in the family. We worked a lot, I learnt a lot of things about myself (and will again) and I’m very pleased with what is taking place between Ayla and me, even if I know that I’m not totally out of trouble yet.

Regarding my experience with the Blues, I wouldn’t recommend either of them.
They never answer any of my questions after they got the money for the pup.
They lied to me.
And, seriously, who could take care of 6 litters (plus regular tamaskans, malamutes, sheeps, border collies, chickens, goats…) in a couple of months, moving in a new house at the same time and keeping giving them a nice socialisation?
Who can give away a non vaccinated pup in a train station without any collar?
For me, the answer is quite simple: a puppy mill.

This is why I won’t recommend anyone to take a pup from Blustag or Blufawn.

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Re: Blufawn (Jennie Peacock) - England, UK

Post by Booma » Tue Apr 30, 2013 9:45 am

Jennie contacted me through facebook, saying that Balto (Blufawn Glen Campbell) was her favourite and the pick of the litter, and she wanted to keep him around to see how he grew and did i want him. "Of course!!!" I said. Jennie was pretty good to deal with. While she never offered information, and didnt often put pictures of Balto up, when i asked her a question about him she would get back to me with the answer and when i asked for a photo she would take one for me within a day or two. She even introduced him to her cat like I asked since I was a little worried about him eating my cat. When Balto was a few months old though, Lynn (Blustag) took over his care and thats when everything went down hill.
I did get some angry facebook messages from her a couple of times after I posted on their new forum about some things i was unhappy about, and then again on their Tamaskan facebook page and she banned me.
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