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February 2015 Results

Posted: Sun Feb 01, 2015 4:43 pm
by Katlin
Congrats to the winners of the February 2015!
Show judged by Jo - Hitenshi Tamaskan

Minor Puppy
1st female: Sylvaen Lady Vox - Voxy
1st male: Sylvaen Vishimtar the Fallen - Kaito

1st female: Tarheel Queen of Hearts - Talia
1st male: Sylvaen Kunai - Caedmon
2nd female: Oslett Amiret el Talj - Nivea
2nd male: Sylvaen Shuriken - Kaya
3rd male: Oslett Hadiya Nadra - Sifa

1st female: Saxon Artemis - Rayza
1st male: Saxon Apollo - Yakari
2nd female: WhiteElk Isabella Bird - Clara
2nd male: Saxon Hermes - Tag
3rd female: Saxon Aphrodite - Kandee

Open Dog
1st: Hawthorne Hellroaring Canyon - Max
2nd: Blustag Bearberry @ Morass - Ravi
3rd: Sierra Kaweah @ Boreal - Wylie

Open Bitch
1st: Quicksilver Pyrargyrite - Tana
2nd: Tarheel Ocracoke Treasure @ Hawthorne - Freyja
3rd: Saxon Slavyanka @ Sylvaen - Zora

Best of Breed
Quicksilver Pyrargyrite - Tana

Best of Opposite Sex
Hawthorne Hellroaring Canyon - Max

Best Puppy
Tarheel Queen of Hearts - Talia

Best Look-Alike
D'Ninja vom Wolfstor - Ninja

Congrats to the winners!

Re: February 2015 Results

Posted: Sat Feb 07, 2015 4:47 pm
by Tana
Tana is miss February? O what a nice surprise :)