Online Show Results - May 2010

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Online Show Results - May 2010

Post by blufawn » Mon Jul 26, 2010 10:06 pm

Fiona Laidlaw (Carron River) kindly judged a very late May show for us this year, the results are as follows.

Minor Puppy - No Entries
Puppy - Blustag Nez Perce
Junior - Tarheel Rodanthe Wave
Special Yearling - Alba Zuul at Blufawn
Graduate - Blustag Quagga
Post Graduate - J&J Michif Loo Loo
Mid Limit - Blustag River Jordan at Sylvaen
Limit - Blustag River of Souls
Open - Jodie at Blustag

Best of Breed - Tarheel Rodanthe Wave
Best Puppy - Blustag Nez Perce

For a full list of results please visit the website the Tamaskan Dog Showing Club
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