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Is it a good fit? (for me)

Posted: Sun Jan 25, 2015 9:26 am
by Sorasonic
Hello! I created my account on the forum a few months ago, but this is my first post. Sorry if I do anything wrong!

Anyway, I've been looking at the Tamaskan breed for a while now, and I've gotten a pretty good handle on their characteristics. I've picked a breeder and plan on getting a puppy within a year or so, but I've had a question for a while now, and I figured I would ask on the forum. I'm not sure if I'd be a good fit for a Tamaskan. In terms of my current situation, I'm in school for about 6-7 hours every weekday, and nobody else is home during that time. I do, however, get quite a few days off from school; so I'd most likely get a Tamaskan when I have a week or so off (or during the summer). I'd totally be willing to exercise daily with my dog, and would be willing to spend as much time as needed to train them too. Would I be a good fit for a Tamaskan? Thank you!

Re: Is it a good fit? (for me)

Posted: Sun Jan 25, 2015 1:02 pm
by Sylvaen
Welcome to the forum! :D

Question, when you wrote: "In terms of my current situation, I'm in school for about 6-7 hours every weekday" Do you mean high school or university / college? Honestly, I personally think it would be better if you waited until after you graduate because then you will have more time to focus on a pup, instead of studying for exams (etc). Leaving a pup home alone for 6-7 hours per day is a very long time for a young pup (they really need constant supervision 24/7 until they are at least 5-6 months old... just like a baby or toddler). I don't really see the point of getting a pup if you won't be there for a large chunk of each day because you will miss out on so much one-on-one time with the puppy. In my case, I was at university and I knew I wanted a puppy but, realistically, it just wasn't the right time because I knew I didn't have enough available time to dedicate to getting a puppy right at that moment. So, I saved up and rewarded myself with a Tamaskan puppy as a graduation present, which was perfect in terms of timing because I then could focus on my new puppy 100% - it would have been really depressing to get a puppy and then have to say goodbye every morning to go to classes and come home in the evening to study and write papers, etc... it would have been very hard for me to focus on both my work / studying AND my new puppy. The puppy would suffer as a result of lack of attention (picking up more bad behaviors / habits from limited interaction, socialization and training) and it would have been my fault - definitely not fair on a young puppy, who didn't ask to be brought into this situation. I know it's not an easy decision to make, but a puppy develops into a dog that will live for 10-12 years or so... there is no rush. IMHO, it would be much better to wait until you are ready, even if it means waiting another 6 months (or a year, or a couple of years - I know it is HARD!) but in the long-term it is a much better solution... you will have more time for yourself and, therefore, more time to spend with your puppy: playing, exercising, training, snuggling, taking photos, etc. Hope this helps! :)

Re: Is it a good fit? (for me)

Posted: Mon Jan 26, 2015 6:15 am
by Katlin
I'm with Debby. I had to wait for just over 5 years until I was out of high school, graduated from college, moved out, and had a good job with a few grand saved. I know it's easy for me to say, but I would definitely wait :/

Re: Is it a good fit? (for me)

Posted: Mon Jan 26, 2015 2:38 pm
by firleymj
First off, welcome to the Forum and thank you for your interest.
Second, thank you for being responsible enough to ask rather than just go ahead.

Now, my opinion - you don't want to miss a minute of raising one of these wholly remarkable dogs.
I've owned a few dogs in my life, but a Tamaskan is quite literally, a breed apart. They're bright, curious, affectionate, often hilarious and (on rare occasions) exasperating.

If you have the ability, please consider waiting until a time in your life when you can spend as much time raising one as possible. If you can't - please consider another companion animal with a higher tolerance for "alone time" in the meanwhile.

Otherwise you might miss the first time your pup decides your boots are a teething ring or the first time your dog turns face into a cold wind to feel the snow stir her/his blood. You might miss their first howl back at a passing fire truck or ambulance. You might miss his deep play bow to another puppy or the growth spurt when she has to figure out how to turn corners quickly (hint: you may need new doors (lol)) and you'll get to cuddle them a lot.

Please try to hold off for a bit - because you'll miss too much otherwise.

Tamaskans are a gift beyond telling - reverence that gift if at all possible.

Just one human's opinion

Kona's [Hawthorne James Watson] human

Re: Is it a good fit? (for me)

Posted: Mon Jan 26, 2015 3:16 pm
by Booma
Not everyone can be home all day, or only work part time or something. While it's not completely ideal to leave an 8 week old pup home alone all day, the majority of people do just that. You can have a friend / family member / someone you've hired come to the house during the day and check on them / take them for a walk etc.
If you want something bad enough you will find a way to make it work.

Re: Is it a good fit? (for me)

Posted: Tue Jan 27, 2015 12:29 am
by Sorasonic
Thank you for the responses :) They've all been very helpful. I'll wait until I graduate so that I can spend as much time with him/her as possible.