Durable Toys

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Durable Toys

Post by freshbake » Sun Nov 10, 2013 5:43 pm

I've been having a bit of trouble finding anything that Zoey can chew on without it being destroyed in a matter of minutes. She loves the Kong fuzzes, however the last one we got her she was able to tear apart in about 5 minutes flat, and so I had to take it away from her to keep her from eating any of the stuffing. Unfortunately, she isn't too interested in rubber chew toys at all. Once she realizes she can't destroy it, she doesn't pay much mind to it haha. She loves her Kong, but only till all the peanut butter/kibble is worked out of it. She's able to do that in about 15 minutes.

I figured I'd see what everybody here has had luck with in regards to good, durable chew toys for their Tams. Our dog trainer we've been taking Zo to recommended going to the tractor store, or a butcher, and getting a HUGE bone for her to chew on. One much too big for her to get in her mouth, and for outside-use only. Anybody have some good inside-the-house toys that won't get destroyed?

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Re: Durable Toys

Post by Katlin » Sun Nov 10, 2013 6:19 pm

Westpaws Zogoflex (the rubber ones) are great, I also use planet dog (Orbee toys) and the occasionally tuffy stuffed toy (knowing it will be destroyed in days lol).
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Re: Durable Toys

Post by wolfwoman » Sun Nov 10, 2013 6:30 pm

I buy at the butcher's ,a long beef marrow, at a stretch,
the dogs eat first the marrow out.
If it is completely empty it is like a KONG,
I'm going to fill it with all sorts of goodies,
they are for hours sweet whit it.

Here are some recipes , which literally translated
with Google translate :lol:

There are several recipes to fill a Kong
Start with a simple recipe , so the dog the first few times do not have to do to get it.
Goodies from the Kong too much trouble
Once they are more routinely may be the difficulty increased.

Recipe 1 : Simple but tasty
Fill the small hole at the top of the Kong with peanut butter , so nothing can fall . On that side out Put a third of Kong full of dog biscuits and the rest with canned food . Insert finally a small dog Milk-Bone ( cookie ) in the half Kong , so he is half sticking out. This excellent cookie provides a direct reward and encourage the dog to do the rest. Further difficulty

Recipe 2 : With melted cheese
Fill the small hole at the top of the Kong with peanut butter or stop a big cookie for . The Kong can be filled with dog biscuits . Make several layers pellets , separated by a piece of cheese . The Kong can be heated in the microwave ( 20-30 seconds ) . First the Kong let cool completely before the dog gets it ! Instead of dog food , you can also fill a layer with pieces of bread, a leftover pasta from yesterday and pieces of chicken .

Recipe 3 : An egg there ...
Fill the small hole at the top of the Kong with peanut butter or stop a big cookie for . Make a mixture of biscuits / cookies / bread cubes , and beat a raw egg through . Spoon the mixture into the sticky Kong . The Kong can be a sign or standing in a beaker heated in the microwave ( 30-60 seconds ) . The egg is now solidified and the Kong can be given to the dog after cooling .

Other tips for filling a KONG :
Dog Chunks , feed your dog normally eat (whether or not mixed with ingredients below )
Mixtures of cooked rice and / or bread , for the dog suitable meat and / or vegetables and / or fruit ( all unseasoned )
Unseasoned , cooked pasta ( macaroni , noodles , etc. - in moderation perform ) with meat and / or vegetables and / or little canned dog food etc.
Liver paste on the inside of the KONG lubricate
Little young cheese by stirring a mixture in the microwave so the cheese melts ( allow to cool ) . The melted cheese makes the mixture sticky , making it difficult to get the tasty morsel .
Frozen KONG - perfect for hot days and for puppies who suffer from varying their teeth . Close the smallest (bottom ) hole of the KONG as possible with eg a slice of ( young ) cheese or grease it close with eg liver pate . Put the KONG in a cup or bowl , so he remains (large filling hole above ) upright. Enter the KONG with a more or less liquid mixture . For example, broth or buttermilk . Use Set the KONG in the freezer ( in the cup to absorb the spot. Leakage ) and serve KONG ice cold ... (NOTE : rinse the frozen KONG first just under the tap , to prevent the tongue of your dog on the outside of the frozen KONG sticks ! )
KONG on a rope - for advanced dogs. Take a piece of rope and toddler one end thereof by the smallest hole of the KONG . Tie a knot in , so KONG now dangles from a rope . Please enter KONG and hang it on so that it is sufficiently within reach of your dog , but can not be clamped between the paws of your dog lying .
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Re: Durable Toys

Post by chelle784 » Sun Nov 10, 2013 10:13 pm

Tuffy's durable dog toys or antlers

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